21 Reasons Why Bourbon is More Than a Hobby

We call it a Bourbon Hobby so they don’t call us “Alcoholics.” These are 21 reasons why Bourbon is more than a hobby, and yes, #17 is real.

1. You communicate with people in Bourbon Groups online more than your real friends.

2. You stare blankly at your bottles for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to drink.

3.  Your local FedEx employees think you are an artisanal vinegar producer.

4. You choose your drinks at the bar based on secondary prices.

5. You post reviews to Facebook and Instagram.

6. Your phone has more photos of whiskey on it than photos of your family.

7. You open Facebook  and the first thing you see is a post about bourbon.

8. You know all of the acronyms and industry terms– FS, BIN, SAOS, PVW, ECBP, PPFF, VOSN…

9. You stop at every liquor store you pass. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

10. You’re in groups on Facebook that have nothing to do with bourbon, with all your bourbon friends.

11. Without looking, you know what retail price should be on a bottle when you see it on the shelf.

12. Your friends call/text/Face-time you for recommendations when they have to buy a bottle of bourbon.

13. You know how to appropriately pack a bottle of booze for shipment.

14. You know there’s a difference in lid quality on Boston Rounds, and you never use soap.

15. Your non-bourbon friends will not buy you a bottle as a gift because they know you either already own it or don’t want it.

16. Your liquor cabinet is now an actual room in your house.

17. You rent a room at a storage building (climate controlled of course) or wine locker to house your most valuable bottles. And your significant other doesn’t know about it.

18. Liquor stores call or text you on a regular basis.

19. Some of your best friends are liquor store owners.

20. You choose vacation destinations based on distilleries you want to visit.

21.  It’s no longer “worth it” for you to buy whiskey at a bar or restaurant.

And Lastly…  You read articles to see (and confirm) that your hobby is more than a hobby.

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