Garrison Brothers Estacado Texas Whiskey

Garrison Brothers Texas Whiskey has been making waves in the whiskey world for a few years now, but we had yet to try a special release from this up and coming distillery. That ended this week when we got our hands on a bottle of Estacado Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Estacado is 2nd in a line of Handcrafted Experimental Garrison Brothers releases (the first was Balmorhea), with more experimental releases planned for 2018.

Garrison Brothers EstacadoGarrison Brothers Estacado is only available for purchase at the Garrison Brothers Distillery gift shop for $69.99+tax.  With 4,710 bottles produced, it will give a small but adequate measure of whether Garrison Brothers’ fans will get behind this run of experimental whiskeys.  

Nose: Big port notes, heavy alcohol, cherries, red hots, popcorn, light oak in the background.  As it opens up prominent pickle and earthy notes linger in the glass.

Palate: Strong waves of alcohol up front with chocolate, peanut butter, orange peel, barrel char and light mint. Slightly tannic with less alcohol than on the nose.

Finish was hot with lingering bitterness and the oak sticks to your palate.

If you like the standard Garrison Brothers bourbon, you will love Estacado. This limited release is sweeter and packed with more flavor than we expected. Overall, Estacado is the best Garrison Brothers’ product we have sampled.

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