Bourbon Sample Bottles

5 Bourbon Products you NEED for your Bar!

1. Bourbon Sample Bottles

Whether you’re sharing a bottle you love with a friend, or traveling for work and want to bring a couple of nice samples for your hotel room… Sample Bottles are a MUST HAVE for everyone in the bourbon game!

2. Your Go-to Bourbon Drinking Attire

No, what you also refer to as your “work uniform” is not what we’re talking about here. We aren’t talking about drowning sorrows, we’re talking about enjoying the best bourbon we have… Wear something that helps set your appreciation for that liquid gold!

3. Libbey Signature Kentucky Bourbon Trail Whiskey Glasses

Any seasoned Bourbon Sipper will tell you, the glass matters! That doesn’t mean we’re above sippin’ the stuff out of a plastic cup, but we want the good glasses when we’re prepping the bourbon bar!

4. A Quality Whiskey Decanter

Pro Tip: Everyone LOVES the decanter when they come over and they LOVE to drain it no matter what’s inside! Consider putting a lower end bourbon in your decanter to keep your wallet a little fatter. Of course, if your guest is a true bourbon fan, break out the high-end bottles and sip away!

5. A Decent Bartender Kit

There’s nothing worse than trying to use the wrong tools for a job. Having a bartender kit makes life a little easier when you’re trying that new cocktail and need a strainer. It also comes in handy when that Wild Turkey cork breaks off in the bottle and you’re tired of doing the “Kentucky Chew” on cork all night.

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