E.H. Taylor Four Grain

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Sip #4: E.H. Taylor Four Grain


$14 (2oz)

Caramel / Amber

Heavy alcohol with hints of graham crackers, caramel, citrus, coconut, and straw

The palate opens with oak and some vague bitter/burnt notes that mingle with the caramel and citrus from the nose. There is also abundant grain influence, a cherry flavor that reminds me of cough syrup, and sweet strawberries. As with EHT Seasoned Wood, a sharp astringency appears on the mid-palate and carries over to the finish, but in this case is better balanced with a rush of caramel and toffee.

Wow – there’s a lot going on here. Just when I thought I had Four Grain figured out I would pick up another aroma or flavor that seemed to conflict with everything I had previously noted. There was a part of me that really enjoyed this whiskey (it’s certainly interesting to sip), but another that found it to be somewhat muddled and lacking a true identify.
My guess is that the mélange of aromas and flavors will appeal to some but be off-putting to others, leading to variable reviews. Count me in as underwhelmed and mildly disappointed. Overall, I found Four Grain to be an improvement over Seasoned Wood, but still well short of the lofty bar set by Cured Oak.



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