J. Henry & Sons Bellefontaine Reserve

J Henry & Sons Bellefontaine Reserve (Cognac finished bourbon; 103 proof) is our 3rd edition of Quick Sips.  Quick Sips is our way of sharing our initial thoughts with you when we don’t have the time or luxury of enjoying an entire bottle for a review.

Quick Sips #3

Paid: Sampled in tasting room ($79.99/bottle)

Color: Caramel

Nose: Grape juice, French vanilla, and bright citrus with peanut brittle and brown sugar undertones

Palate: Opens with ripe grapes, citrus, and sweet vanilla/honey. The finish offers earthy nuttiness, toasted oak, and traditional bourbon notes of spice and caramel.

Conclusion: The Bellefontaine Reserve is another outstanding whiskey from J. Henry & Sons. The Cognac influence shines through without overwhelming the bourbon, which maintains the complex earthiness that has become a signature of the JH&S line. The Bellefontaine Reserve is definitely the sweetest and smoothest offering in their portfolio, but this is not a delicate whiskey – it is just as bold and flavorful as the highly decorated Patton Road Reserve, Cask Strength. There are only 900 bottles available so act quickly on this one!

Category: Craft

Rating: 4.5

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