Binny’s Knob Creek Rye Review

Binny’s Knob Creek Rye – this one was fun. We received two blind samples from a fellow Bourbon Sipper that were marked “A” and “B.”

We didn’t know what was in either sample bottle, but it turns out that “A” was the standard 100 proof Knob Creek Rye and “B” of course was the 115 proof Binny’s Knob Creek Rye.

Binny's Knob Creek Rye

A – Standard Knob Creek Rye

Nose: Peanuts, Honey, Lemon, Mint, Earthy, Pickles.
Palate: Orange, Cherries, Oak, Burnt Brown Sugar, Peanut.
Finish: Medium-Hot and quick, ends somewhat abruptly.

B – Binny’s Knob Creek Rye

Nose: Sweeter and Softer than “A,” Boiled Peanuts the longer it sits, Rye Bread, seemingly more balanced.
Palate: Red Fruits, Strong Heat – almost harsh but pleasant, Cinnamon, Browning Bananas.
Finish: Long.

We liked the Nose more on the Binny’s Knob Creek Rye and the Palate more on the standard Knob Creek Rye.

The “Beam Nut” was prevalent in both and it was surprising how similar they were being 15 proof apart.

This was a fun review because we wanted to like the Binny’s Knob Creek Rye more than the Standard Knob Creek Rye since it was a private pick, but that just didn’t happen for us.

We have had other private barrel selections from Binny’s which are always great, so we trust that they picked the best of the available barrels at the time. We try to sample blind as often as we can, sometimes the more popular whiskey wins and sometimes it doesn’t.  We’re eager to get feedback from those of you who have tried this one to see what your thoughts were on it.

Overall it’s a great pick and certainly worth picking up if you have the chance, but if you miss it then just snag a bottle of the classic KC rye and enjoy it.

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