Smooth Ambler Big Level Bourbon

After making their name sourcing MGP distillate, Smooth Ambler had mixed reviews in the bourbon community with their first wheated bourbon and have taken another crack at it with the Smooth Ambler Big Level.

Unlike the Old Scout, Smooth Ambler Big Level Bourbon is 100% their product from the mash, distillate, aging, proofing, and bottling. The question we’ve all been asking is – Will Smooth Ambler be able to make good bourbon of their own?

Pappy Van Winkle’s wheated bourbon started the craze for wheaters and it sells, so we won’t fault a business for creating a product to feed on the demand of the market.  So with that, here it is: 

Smooth Ambler Big Level

Smooth Ambler Big Level Wheated Bourbon

Mashbill: 71% Corn, 21% Wheat, 8% Malted Barley

Distillation Process: Both continuous column and pot distillation

Age: 5+YO  spirit, aged in #4 char 53-gallon barrel

Annual Production: 3000, 53-gallon barrels per year.

Proof: 100

Price: $55

Filtration: Non-chill Filtered (NCF)

Nose: Honey, caramel, smells like a cow tail (chewable candy), toffee, nuts, barley,

Palate: Somewhat thin viscosity – Caramel, Vanilla,  oak, cookie dough, milk chocolate, cherries, cinnamon spice

Finish: Medium – The spice lingers but not to a high degree, it’s not overpowering and quite smooth.

When Smooth Ambler sold their majority stake in the company to Pernod, everyone wondered what would happen with the quality we knew and loved from their Old Scout line. The good news is that Smooth Ambler Big Level Bourbon is a sign of great things to come.  

Smooth Ambler Big Level is going to have no problem selling and people are going to love it. So let’s answer some questions:

  • Will it be the best wheater you’ve ever had? No.
  • Is it still young? Yes.
  • Does it taste super young? No.
  • Does it taste like cleaning agent? No.
  • Is it worth $55? Some will say easily and others will say it should be priced at $35-$40.
  • Will Smooth Ambler be able to make good bourbon of their own? Yes.

We’re incredibly optimistic about the future of the bourbon distilled, aged, and bottled at SA and after you taste the Smooth Ambler Big Level, we think you will be too. 

If you’re wondering which states will receive allocation of this bottle, here they are:

Check out Slurred Speech for more reviews.

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