Wild Turkey Longbranch

The Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey relationship has officially gone to the next level with Wild Turkey Longbranch™.   As the whiskey world knows, McConaughey has served as the Creative Director for Wild Turkey since late 2016. He is rumored to be collecting roughly 4 MILLION DOLLARS annually for his efforts in a 3-4 year contract with Campari. If this tells us anything, it’s that Campari knows that influence goes a long way in the bourbon community and they are betting big.

Wild Turkey Longbranch

Wild Turkey Longbranch. Photo Cred: Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey Longbranch is proof that McConaughey has little interest in just being a pretty face. This whiskey was made to blend the heart of Kentucky bourbon with the rugged Texas soul of the actor. The small batch whiskey starts with a Kentucky bourbon which is then mellowed with Texas Mesquite wood charcoals and again with American White Oak charcoals. The impact of double filtration can make a significant difference in the taste of the whiskey. Jack Daniel’s Old Number 7 whiskey is double filtered to create their Gentleman Jack product which we believe made that whiskey taste much better and we’re eager to see how it plays out here.

For those who think this is a product spun up overnight, it is said that McConaughey and Eddie Russell have been tasting to pin down this recipe for over a year.

“Our goal was to make a straight bourbon whiskey with a soft sweetness that was still unmistakably Wild Turkey. The result was a bourbon that we both truly enjoy drinking neat, and look forward to sharing with others.”  Said Master Distiller, Eddie Russell.

Wild Turkey Longbranch will be 43% abv (86 proof) and use 8-year Wild Turkey Bourbon and is said to be a balanced blend of vanilla and spices.  Reported flavors – caramel, pear, and citrus with a finish that is smoky, buttery, peppery and oaky. Of note, this is the first product launched by Wild Turkey that will have a signature of someone other than Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell.

Wild Turkey Longbranch will be available in major markets in the US in May for $39.99 and will become available internationally later in 2018. Follow our Slurred Speech blog for reviews and bourbon news, and check out bourbon products for everything bourbon related.

Check back with us for a review soon!

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