Kentucky Owl Park has chosen Shigeru Ban Architects, a world-renowned firm to design and build out the 420-acre site. The location at Cedar Creek Quarry will include rickhouses for aging, a bottling center, distillery and offices for the American Whiskey Division of Stoli® Group.  The existing quarry pits will be turned into beautiful lakes with crystal-clear, limestone-filtered water.

“When evaluating architectural firms for Kentucky Owl Park, it was imperative that the selected group boasted a strong portfolio of work, but also that their plans for this initiative truly pushed the boundaries within the design world and along the Bourbon Trail,” said Yuri Shefler, Owner of SPI Group, the parent company of Stoli Group and the Kentucky Owl brand. “We are looking forward to Kentucky Owl Park being the next masterpiece from Shigeru Ban Architects, who bring an unparalleled background of more than 100 innovative and environmentally sustainable projects completed to-date. I am energized by Kentucky Owl’s early success in the category and am committed to building a fitting home for this brand along with expanding our presence in whiskies overall.”

Dean Maltz, Managing Partner of Shigeru Ban Architects, added, “We are honored to have been chosen to build Kentucky Owl Park and are eager to bring the joint vision of Stoli Group and Shigeru Ban to life. This is an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves like never before, as these plans serve as our first Kentucky distillery and incorporate unique highlights and nods to the industry and its history, while prioritizing light and a connection to nature, features the architectural world has come to expect from our firm.”

Touring distilleries has become an integral part of the whiskey explorer lifestyle and Stoli is betting big on Kentucky Owl Park being a place people want to visit.

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