Diageo Flips 19 Brands on Secondary to Sazerac

Diageo and Sazerac have come to an agreement to exchange 19 Diageo brands to Sazerac for cash.

The original ISO was put out by Sazerac which read: “ISO: 20 brands. FT: $500 Million.”
After much deliberation, Diageo said “19 Brands for $550 Million and buyer pays shipping. It’s the best I can do.”

It’s unknown which secondary site this took place on, but the usual suspects are probable.

Diageo is known to have the largest bunker in the liquor community (bigger than you know who) with a heavy collection of Johnnie Walker. When asked why they were “thinning the herd,” they said it was to make room for their premium spirits. 

A deal between these two giants raises more questions than it provides answers. Like, who has to pack all of those bottles? Should they use parafilm? Should samples be included? It’s said that the brands will have guaranteed delivery in early 2019.

Of course, the above details are a little fuzzy. So, if you’re wanting accurate information, see below.

Diageo Flips 19 Brands

Accurate Info Here:

  • Diageo sold 19 liquor brands to Sazerac for a reported $550 Million USD.
  • The transition is expected to be complete by early 2019.
  • Why the sale?
    • Diageo has seen something they like in their premium spirits profile and want to double down and Sazerac wants to grow.
  • Which brands are being sold?
    • Seagram’s VO, 83, and Five Star, Myers’s, Parrot Bay, Romana Sambuca, Popov, Yukon Jack, Goldschlager, Stirrings, The Club, Scoresby, Black Haus, Peligroso, Relska, Grind, Piehole, Booth’s, and Jon Begg
  • What about Bulleit?
    • Nope. Not right now. It appears Diageo is keeping that one for the time being.

This deal is done, pending references, of course.

**Disclaimer – Info above the photo should not be taken literally**

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