Cruise Custom Flags – Bourbon Barrel American Flags

Cruise Custom Flags

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Chris Cruise is a United States veteran repurposing old bourbon barrels to make Cruise Custom Flags, American Flags out of wood.  On a scale from 1-to-badass, these are badass.

“Thanks to Pinterest, my wife, Amber gave me a book of about 160 pages and I built our dining room table and that’s where it all started,” Said Cruise.

“I was a paratrooper in the 82nd airborne division, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom,” Says Cruise.

“Me being from Kentucky, bourbon, horse racing and all that and my husband being a veteran, we just decided to cross those paths,” Amber says.

 “I often think about who I’m making the flag for which is pretty cool because usually they’re very patriotic or it’s usually a former service member and we’re putting the years of service in which they’ve served or their family members have served,” Chris said.

“The bourbon barrel staves once served a good purpose holding bourbon. So, we wanted to give veterans a new purpose once they get out of the military and find their new purpose because they once served a great purpose too,” Chris says.

You’re buying into our vision of helping transitioning veterans

“He’s been an entrepreneurial heart all of his life and he’s a very proud veteran and he’s actually living out his dream,” His wife, Amber said.

If this amps you up, be sure to head over to his site and place your order.

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