Bourbon and Beyond

You’re hearing a lot about Bourbon and Beyond from all of your bourbon friends as each day passes. This September 23rd and 24th Louisville festival is a combination of great music and what we all love, bourbon.

You’re already sold, I know. But let’s keep going for good measure… You’re going to love Bourbon and Beyond this year.

Bourbon and Beyond

Who runs your favorite bourbon blog?

They’re probably going to be there (see growing list below).

What’s your favorite bourbon?

It’s probably going to be there (see list below)

Who makes your favorite bourbon?

The Master Distiller is probably going to be there (see list below).

Will there be food?

Yes, amazing food will be available prepared by awesome Chefs (see list below)

The Musicians look good, but is there anything else to do?

Yup, there are a handful of different Bourbon Experiences you won’t want to miss (see details below)

How much is it?

Prices are down at the bottom of this article (while tickets are still available). We may be giving away a couple tickets on Facebook and Instagram, so check us out there.  You don’t want to miss out, so buy your tickets and if you win them from us just sell them or give them to your friends.

Distillers/Blenders in Attendance

Wild Turkey – Jimmy Russell

Wild Turkey – Eddie Russell

Jim Beam – Fred Noe

Old Rip Van Winkle – Julian Van Winkle

Buffalo Trace – Harlen Wheatley

Heaven Hill – Denny Potter

Woodford Reserve – Chris Morris

Maker’s Mark – Greg Davis

Angel’s Envy – Wes Henderson

Michter’s – Andrea Wilson

Barrell – Tripp Stimson

Smooth Ambler – John Little

Castle & Key – Marianne Barnes

Rabbit Hole – Kaveh Zamanian

Jefferson’s – Trey Zoeller

Jim Rutledge

Bourbon and Beyond MusicBourbon & Beyond Musicians


John Mayer

Lenny Kravitz

Counting Crows

David Byrne

Sheryl Crow

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot!


Gov’t Mule

Keb’ Mo’

Blackberry Smoke

JJ Grey & Mofro

Don Felder

Benjamin Booker

The Record Company

Del McCoury Band


The Magpie Salute

Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers


The Last Bandoleros

Swimming With Bears

The Travelin’ McCourys

Ben Sollee

Billy Strings

River Whyless

Lindsay Lou

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers

Bourbon and Beyond Whiskey


Angel’s Envy

Bardstown Bourbon


Basil Hayden’s

Blade & Bow


Bloody Butcher’s Creed


Boone County

Bowman Brothers

Buffalo Trace



Coopers Craft

E.H. Taylor

Eagle Rare

Elijah Craig

Elmer T. LEe

Evan Williams

Four Roses

Jack Daniel’s


Jim Beam

Jim Beam Black

Kentucky Owl

Knob Creek


Maker’s 46

Maker’s Mark


New Riff Bourbon

Old Forester

Pappy Van Winkle


Rabbit Hole

Rebel Yell

Rock Hill Farms

Stagg Jr.

Stone Hammer

W.L. Weller


Wild Turkey


Woodford Reserve

Bourbon Folks in Attendance

  • Blake Riber – Bourbonr
  • Fred Minnick – “The guy with the Ascot necktie :)” … and Author
  • AJ Hochhalter – Creator of the film NEAT: The Story of Bourbon
  • Bernie Lubbers – Heaven Hill
  • Corky Taylor – Peerless
  • Freddie Johnson – Sazerac
  • Sara Barnes – Boone County
  • Beth Burrows – Jim Beam
  • Larry Rice – The Silver Dollar
  • Chuck Cowdery – Bourbon, Straight
  • Peggy Noe Stevens – Founder of Bourbon Women
  • Kerri Richardson – President of Bourbon Women
  • Susan Reigler – Bourbon Women
  • Carla Carlton – Bourbon Women
  • Kenny Coleman – Bourbon Pursuit
  • Mark Gillespie – WhiskyCast
  • Samara Rivers – Black Bourbon Society
  • Matt Preston – Co-founder and president of the Lexington Bourbon Society
  • …and many more!

Bourbon and Beyond Experiences

Boone County Distilling Back Porch

At this back porch, let Boone County Distilling retell history with every sip of bourbon. You’ll find this open-air bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a selection of Boone County bourbons and craft cocktails.

Silver Dollar Hunter’s Club

An exclusive bar with experimental, rare, and hard-to-find bourbons, The Hunter’s Club is a bourbon hound’s dream come true. The Silver Dollar will be on site curating and serving up this year’s bourbon list.

Big Bourbon Bar

The Big Bourbon Bar presented by Courier-Journal features our incredible lineup of bourbons curated by our experts and you, the fans! Whether you’re in the mood for something adventurous or a classic concoction, our expert bartenders will be shaking, stirring, and serving up delicious bourbon cocktails all weekend long..

The Big Bourbon Bar will also feature great music and talks all weekend long. Our friends at The Bluegrass Situation have curated a lineup of bluegrass bands to provide the soundtrack for the weekend.

Fred Minnick’s Mini Bar

Bourbon expert Fred Minnick has hand-picked 5 craft distilleries to feature for Bourbon & Beyond 2018. The distilleries are Hartfield & Co., MB Roland, Old Pogue Distillery, WadeLyn Ranch Distilling, and Wilderness Trail Distillery.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole invites you to go #DownTheRabbitHole into an exclusive bar hidden off the beaten path featuring cocktails by Proprietors LLC, the team behind Death & Co. That’s all we can say for now – figuring out how to get in will be entirely up to you!

Bourbon & Beyond Workshops

Jack & Jim: What’s the difference? 

“Bourbon and Beyond makes history with our Jack & Jim seminar, which will showcase the world’s two best-selling American whiskeys and dissect an often polarizing subject. We want to entertain and educate, but this seminar is taking whiskey discussions to another level and is akin to the Beatles and Rolling Stones sharing the stage,” says Fred Minnick. “This is a rare opportunity to witness a live bourbon event that will never be duplicated.” For the first time in America, Jack Daniel’s master distiller Jeff Arnett joins Jim Beam’s master distiller Fred Noe on the stage to discuss the differences between the world’s top 2-selling American whiskeys. Witness history and learn why these two juggernauts have opened many doors for all of bourbon.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Panelists: Jeff Arnett, master distiller for Jack Daniel’s; and Fred Noe, master distiller for Jim Beam.

Family Affair: The Russells

Every industry has its biggest rockstar. In bourbon, Wild Turkey’s master distiller Jimmy Russell has the nickname “Buddha of Bourbon” for a reason. He shares the bourbon bond with his son, master distiller Eddie Russell, and grandson, Bruce.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Featuring: Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell

Family Affair: The Van Winkles

When people hear the name Pappy Van Winkle, hysteria ensues as they are willing to camp out to buy a bottle. Well, the Van Winkle family has a few stories to tell, such as when nobody wanted their bourbon. Hard to imagine, but it’s true.
Moderated by Fred Minnick, you’ll see him a lot here at Bourbon and Beyond
Featuring: Julian, Preston and Carrie Van Winkle

Family Affair: The Kulsveen

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to grow up in bourbon, the Kulsveen siblings have some stories to tell. Today, the duo runs one of the most successful family distilleries in the world in Willett.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Featuring: Britt Kulsveen, president, and Drew Kulsveen, master distiller of Willett.

My Daddy was a Moonshiner

When moonshiners ran from the law, they drove in the cover of the darkness. But Thomas Wade Daniels decided to break his family nighttime distilling practices and make legitimate whiskey. Fortunately, the statute of limitations have passed for him to tell his family story.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Featuring: Thomas Wade Daniels, distiller for Wadelyn Ranch Distillery

Oil and Water: The Chemistry of Good Food & Drink

When bourbon hits the barrel, a chemical transformation begins that creates most of those yummy flavors. Food faces similar chemical changes, as chefs use certain oils and temperatures, among other things, to create their magical flavors. This is chemistry in the barrel and the pan.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Featuring: Andrea Wilson, master of maturation for Michter’s, and chef TBD

The Audacity of Sourced Whiskey

A common practice in whiskey is for bottlers to purchase barrels from distillers and create their own brands. Sometimes this is frowned upon. In an open and honest conversation, panelists discuss one of the most controversial whiskey topics of the past decade.
Moderated by Kenny Coleman, Bourbon Pursuit
Featuring: Smooth Ambler’s John Foster, Boone County’s Josh Quinn, and Castle & Key’s Marianne Barnes

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Master Distiller

In an industry that covets its master distillers, the truth is, it’s a team effort and most bourbons have many team members involved. Let’s discover what it means to be a master distiller and how it’s really a master distiller team.
Moderated by our friend Blake Riber, the founder
Featuring: Kaveh Zamanian, founder of Rabbit Hole, and Jim Rutledge, distillery consultant

BS: The Legends & Lore of American whiskey

If you’ve read a whiskey label, you may have seen a tall tale. These bourbon historians and storytellers share their favorite legends.
Moderated by Mark Gillespie, WhiskyCast
Featuring: Fred Minnick, Heaven Hill’s Bernie Lubbers, Buffalo Trace’s Freddie Johnson and Chuck Cowdery, author of Bourbon, Straight

Value Bourbon

Bourbon remains the best value in whiskey, and the inexpensive brands get the same care and attention as the limited edition products. Discover why $9 to $30 bourbon exists and why it still tastes awesome. This will be a must-attend Bourbon and Beyond  event for everyone who loves to buy good bourbon for a great price!
Moderated by Samara Rivers, Black Bourbon Society
Featuring: Denny Potter, Heaven Hill master distiller; Beth Burrows, mixologist for Jim Beam; and Harlen Wheatley, Buffalo Trace

One Beer, One Bourbon & One Barrel

Did you know the bourbon barrel creates flavor across many drink and food categories? You’ll learn why the bourbon barrel is quickly becoming beer’s best friend, too.
Moderated by AJ Hochhalter, creator of the film NEAT: The Story of Bourbon
Featuring: TBD Brewer, Jane Bowie, master of maturation for Maker’s Mark

Rare Whiskey

Hidden in local bars and liquor stores are the rarest bourbons in the world. We’re talking private barrel picks that can only be available in these bars and vintage whiskey, some dating back to the 1800s. And the fact is once those bottles are gone, there will never be another bourbon like them.
Moderated by Kenny Coleman, Bourbon Pursuit
Featuring: Larry Rice, owner of Silver Dollar; Drew Kulsveen, master distiller of Willett; and Jane Bowie, master of maturation for Maker’s Mark

Executive Round Table

The bourbon industry enjoys unprecedented recent success, but challenges remain. Join these industry executives as they talk the ups and downs of the business, and what lies ahead.
Moderated by Fred Minnick & Brian Lowe, Chief Commercial Officer Verdant Commercial Capital/Dallas Bourbon Club
Featuring: Joseph Magliocco, president of Michter’s; Kaveh Zamanian, founder of Rabbit Hole; Campbell Brown, president of Old Forester; John Little, founder of Smooth Ambler; Jay Erisman, co-founder of New Riff; and Corky Taylor, founder of Peerless

The Nearest Green Story

In the 1700s and 1800s, enslaved persons worked in distilleries throughout America and the Caribbean. But their stories were untold. What contributions did they make? Nearest Green was the distiller the world never knew. Until now.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Featuring: Fawn Weaver, founder of Uncle Nearest 

Let Us Entertain You

Let’s face it: Bourbon is cool at parties. But you want to do more than just have a bottle sitting on the table. After attending this game-changing entertainment seminar, you may want to find new excuses to throw bourbon-theme parties.
Moderated by Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of Bourbon Women
Featuring: Sara Barnes, Boone County

Food Pairings: Beef & Bourbon

We like to pair rich red wines with beef. But why not bourbon? Some say a good bourbon is better with steak than a complex Cabernet.
Moderated by Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of Bourbon Women
Featuring: TBD Celebrity Chef and Michter’s Andrea Wilson

Food Pairings: Bird & Bourbon

Kentucky is the land of fried chicken and bourbon. And it’s almost a right of passage to enjoy grandma’s fried chicken with bourbon. But America’s spirit pairs with more bird than the chicken. It’s a food pairing delight!
Moderated by Susan Reigler, Bourbon Women
Featuring: Larry Rice, owner of Silver Dollar; Tim Laird, Cooper’s Craft and Old Forester; and chef David Danielson, executive chef of Churchill Downs

Local Grains, Big Fame

Did you know most grain used in Kentucky bourbon comes from local farms? It’s true and many distilleries have farmer relationships spanning several generations. In fact, some grow their own grains. This is bourbon’s best-kept secret.
Moderated by Maggie Kimberl, bourbon writer
Featuring: Autumn Nethery, distiller for Jeptha Creed; Greg Davis, master distiller for Maker’s Mark

Up The Barrel

The bourbon barrel creation is a thing of beauty. In this detailed seminar, you’ll learn how the barrel is constructed, why it’s charred and how it imparts flavor.
Moderated by Colleen Thomas, Kentucky Distillers’ Association
Featuring: Chris Morris, master distiller for Woodford Reserve

Barrel Finishes

This new category of barrel finishes is changing what we know about American whiskey flavor. From port to sherries, once alien barrels now enter the picture. Even though not all purists are on board, barrel finished bourbon offers American whiskey a bright future.
Moderated by Brian Haara, author of Bourbon Justice
Featuring: Angel’s Envy’s Wes Henderson; Elizabeth McCall, assistant master distiller for Woodford Reserve; Trey Zoeller, master blender for Jefferson’s; and John Hargrove, director of operations for Bardstown Bourbon Co.

The Art of Fermentation

When grains are milled, cooked and then fermented, beer is created. And this beer is the base of all whiskey. While the barrel is bourbon’s hallmark flavor creator, fermentation is a close second.
Moderated by Brian Haara
Featuring: New Riff’s Jay Erisman, Castle & Key’s Marianne Barnes, and Pat Heist, master distiller for Wilderness Trail Distillery

The Art of Mingling and Blending

Making bourbon is part art and science, but the mingling (or blending) aspect is pure art. In this seminar, you’ll learn how master blenders develop their palates and create the flavors to be bottled later.
Moderated by Susan Reigler, Bourbon Women
Featuring: Joe Beatrice, founder of Barrell Bourbon; John Little, founder and head distiller of Smooth Ambler

Cool Malts

In the past 20 years, distillers have pushed the envelope on malted barley, a grain once thought add little to no flavor in bourbon. Now, some say it’s the grain of the future, while distillers are malting corn, rye and other grains. Welcome to the new era of malts in bourbon.
Moderated by Matt Preston, co-founder and president of the Lexington Bourbon Society
Featuring: Kaveh Zamanian, founder of Rabbit Hole Distillery; Tripp Stimson, master distiller for Barrell Bourbon; and Paul Tomaszewski, co-founder and master distiller of MB Roland Distillery

Bourbon Mixology: How to Get Sour

Many judge a bar by its ability to make a whiskey sour, a simple cocktail steeped in history. But sours are so important to the modern bar that to know the special professional tricks can make all the difference in a good and great drink.
Moderated by Old Forester and Coopers’ Craft’s Tim Laird
Featuring: Death & Co.

Bourbon Mixology: Slushie Time

Who knew that bourbon slushies would become all the rage? Even slushie haters will change their mind after tasting what’s in store on this panel.
Moderated by Kerri Richardson, president of Bourbon Women
Featuring: Doug Kragel, national educator for Diageo North American whiskey; and Silver Dollar’s Susie Hoyt

Bourbon Mixology: Higher Proof

When high-proof bourbons are used in cocktails, the bourbon flavor dominates. But there are tricks to get as much flavor as possible from the overall drink.
Moderated by Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of Bourbon Women
Featuring: Jim Beam’s Beth Burrows and Molly Wellmann, owner and mixologist of Japp’s Since 1879

Bottled & Bond: The Past & Future

Once a forgotten category, the historic bottled-in-bond bourbons resurge in today’s culture thanks to the new blood entering the game. In this important seminar, New Riff Distillery showcases its bottled-in-bond bourbon, while the category’s champion, Bernie Lubbers, discusses why this more than 100 year old act still matters today.
Moderated by Fred Minnick
Featuring: Jay Erisman, co-founder of New Riff; and Bernie Lubbers, brand ambassador for Heaven Hill.

Bourbon 101

Want to get the basics of bourbon? These rotating speakers will set you straight.
Featuring: Fred Minnick, Maggie Kimbrel, Susan Reigler and Bernie Lubbers.

Why Rye

Once distilled once a year, rye’s rising up the ranks in the hearts of American whiskey drinkers. Is it replacing bourbon? Does it complement bourbon? And why is rye finally taking off?
Moderated by Carla Carlton, Bourbon Women
Featuring: Harlen Wheatley, master distiller for Buffalo Trace; Kyle Henderson, distiller for Angel’s Envy, Caleb Kilburn, head distiller of Peerless; and Denny Potter, master distiller of Heaven Hill

A Look Back to the 1990s

It’s hard to imagine, but bourbon wasn’t always this cool. The 1990s were the decade bourbon started to catch a little domestic spark, and these folks were in the trenches bringing bourbon back.
Moderated by Mark Gillespie, WhiskyCast
Featuring: Chuck Cowdery, author of Bourbon, Straight; Trey Zoeller, master blender for Jefferson’s; and Susan Reigler, author of Kentucky Bourbon Country

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Level 4 – $215 TBA

General Admission SATURDAY Only

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