Weller Full Proof Bourbon

Weller Full Proof Bourbon Label Filed with TTB

New Weller Full Proof Bourbon appears to be headed into the whiskey world.

Weller 12 has been something of a hot topic in recent years as consumers flocked to the bottle for its relationship to Pappy Van Winkle. Liquor stores sold bottles on lottery systems, created lists with dozens to hundreds of names on them, marked up prices, sold gift sets, all in efforts to manage and capitalize on the craze surrounding Weller 12 year.

The hype trickled down to the BETTER Old Weller Antique, (sorry just had to throw that in there) and soon it became nearly as hard to find as the longer aged Weller 12. Old Weller Antique private barrel picks have been all the rage and the NCF (non-chill filtered) element was something every serious bourbon enthusiast appreciated about those bottles. Fast forward and even Weller Special Reserve started flying off the shelves. A bottle seen by many in the community to be a mixer at best.

Last year we heard that the prices on Weller were going to increase and as frustrated as the community may have been, it’s only logical for the Distillery to capitalize on the hype of their own product.

Now, Weller Full Proof will enter the mix. The label, a blue tint with the modern design has made its way to the TTB for approval. The New Weller Full Proof Bourbon Label shows a 57% (114 proof) wheated bourbon.

Image Credited to TTB.gov

Weller Full Proof Bourbon Label

The back label reads:
“William Larue Weller developed his own original bourbon recipe with wheat rather than rye. Bottled at the same 114 proof in which it was entered into the barrel. This non-chill filtered wheated bourbon forgoes chill filtration to preserve all the naturally occurring residual oils and flavors that occur during the distillation and aging process (potentially making it appear cloudy at colder temperatures). This bourbon balances a rich mouth feel, with robust notes of vanilla and oak. A whiskey that satisfies the demand of the non-chill filtered enthusiasts, honoring the man who made wheated bourbon legendary.”

Image Credited to TTB.gov

There’s no question after reading the back label, this bourbon is coming for the hearts and souls of the bourbon community.

Weller Full Proof Bourbon |114 Proof (57% abv) | Non-chill Filtered

Here’s to hoping everyone can try it!

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