Weller Full Proof Bourbon

Weller Full Proof Bourbon [Officially] Announced by Buffalo Trace

At a MSRP of $49.99, Weller Full Proof Bourbon has officially been announced by Buffalo Trace.

A couple weeks ago, the internet blew up when the WFP label was noticed on the TTB website. With much excitement came quite a bit of frustration from those who have had trouble finding other Weller products while Bourbon Hunting upon hearing the news.

There is no age statement (that we’ve seen) about this bourbon.

Weller Full Proof Release Date

Weller Full Proof Bourbon will be available starting in June of 2019 and will be released once annually in “limited quantities.”

Rather than the screw tops the Weller line has currently, Weller Full Proof will have a cork stopper. Both the old and new screw tops have received a lot of complaints in recent years, so the switch to a cork will likely be well-received by the whiskey community.

Kris Comstock, the Senior Marketing Director at Buffalo Trace Distillery said:

“We expect fans of Weller will be excited about this new offering. Bourbon drinkers are asking us for high proof and non-chill filtered bourbon more and more,”
“Bar owners and liquor stores who have selected barrels of Weller over the years will regularly request their bourbon to be non-chill filtered. It will be nice to offer Weller Full Proof as an option.”

We were fortunate enough to join Maison Corbeaux in picking a few barrels last year and of course, we requested the that the Weller Antique be NCF. So we’re excited to hear that Buffalo Trace is adapting to the requests of Bourbon Sippers around the country.

Weller Full Proof Review

Distillery Tasting Notes:

Buffalo Trace shared these tasting notes:
Nose: Vanilla, Dark Cherries and Caramel.
Palate: Caramel and Toasted Oak.
Finish: Long, with notes of crème brûlée and chocolate.
Entry Proof: 114
Bottle Proof: 114
Filtration: Non-chill filtered
MSRP: $49.99

Weller Full Proof Bourbon

The Back Label Reads:

“William Larue Weller developed his own original bourbon recipe with wheat rather than rye. Bottled at the same 114 proof in which it was entered into the barrel. This non-chill filtered wheated bourbon forgoes chill filtration to preserve all the naturally occurring residual oils and flavors that occur during the distillation and aging process (potentially making it appear cloudy at colder temperatures). This bourbon balances a rich mouth feel, with robust notes of vanilla and oak. A whiskey that satisfies the demand of the non-chill filtered enthusiasts, honoring the man who made wheated bourbon legendary.”

What are your thoughts on it?

It’s only 3.5% more ABV than OWA, will this be a noticeably different product?

Will you join in on the hunt or throw in the towel?

– Bourbon Sippers
Url https://bourbonsippers.com/weller-full-proof-bourbon-announced/

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